Every Sunday
9:15 Matins, 10:00 AM Holy Liturgy
Father Bogdan, the new Parish Priest of St. Polycarp's Church.

Seek the Kingdom of God first, and all the rest will be added to you.
Christ, The only Begotten Son of God, says:
he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.
It is the eternal law.
Whoever does not put the Kingdom of God before anything else, everything he gathers is scattered at some point.
"He that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad."
.."lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal."
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
In what we use our heart, in that it widens.
In what our mind rests, in that it widens, toward those things it tends.
Since time is so short we don't have time to do unimportant, unnecessary things.
And that is why the Lord says: do not waste time, seek My Kingdom first and all the rest will be added to you later.
Warm words from Bishop MACARIE and Bishop DAMASCHIN (video, text):
“Heaven is acquired together, brother by brother and sister by sister, one by one, in the communion of love.
Let us all be friends of the one who suffers!
My beloved ones, from this evangelical pericope that has now been read in the Divine Liturgy, we understand that we, humans, always need our fellow humans.
We are made for each other, and heaven can only be acquired together.
We are not made for this world, but for heaven.
And we acquire heaven together, brother by brother and sister by sister, peer to peer, in communion of love.
For behold, the healing work of the Savior Jesus Christ is not done in isolation and fear and in individualism, but in the communion of working love.
"Lord, grant me unrequited repentance and a sorrowful heart so that I may set out with all my soul in search of You!"
PS MACARIE calls us to the practice of EVERYDAY EROISM, but also to the AFFIRMATION OF DIGNITY in the moments of trial:
“Defend your sky!
Fight for your eternity! To be free and worthy ... ”
We know that we have roots in heaven, we know that there is a homeland in heaven, just as there is a Conquering Church.
And we are alive in our nature as long as we keep in touch with this homeland in the air, with this heavenly homeland, with this Church of our saints.
If the heroes we honor had accepted the lie, slavery and humiliation of the human being, we would not exist today.
If the Holy Martyrs of Brâncoveni had given eternity to biological survival;
if the heroes of the Great War of Reunification had given way to the fugitives in Marasesti and Oituz;
if the Prison Saints had accepted the atheist lie and the arbitrariness of a vile, degrading regime, then we would have long since disappeared from history.
My dear ones, this is not a history lesson, but an existential lesson.
If we want to be a Church and a country, if we still want to be human, then let us keep the path open for heroes.
Let us cherish truth, justice and freedom. Let us denounce lies, arbitrariness, and tyranny, as the Holy Apostle Paul exhorts us:
"Do not be partakers of the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them openly" (Ephesians 5:11).
Dear brother, dear sister, there is a heroism of every moment, of every day.
"And now let's turn our word to the subject before us.
Easter has passed, the Ascension of the Lord has passed, and now we are waiting for the Holy Feast of Pentecost.
They were great and holy Feasts, and now we have reached a great and holy period of tasting and preparation for that Feast of the Chiefs which crowns the cyclical order of the Holy Fathers and of the Holy Pentecost.

After the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who completed the salvation of the human race, after the saving soul of the Resurrection shone in all the earth, and the Holy Disciples rejoiced in the joy of the everlasting and unfathomable resurrection of the dead of their Teacher and Lord, establishing themselves in full knowledge of the great victory which Christ God has won over the evil of the congregation and over death, and in which they have been called to share (cf. John 16:33; I John 2:14; 5: 4), the Holy Apostles, as commanded by the Savior, waited in Jerusalem for the descent of the Holy Spirit (cf. Luke 24:49; Acts 1: 4-5). This was necessary for them to be anointed and strengthened in the work of preaching the divine gospel in the world. Here he opened before them a great and glorious path, one full of great difficulties.
Of course, human power would not allow us too much to walk this path, let alone follow this royal path to the victorious end.
But the Holy Spirit, who descended upon the Church of the Son of God, will make them worthy of this task and will guide them thereby.

Lucrarea Sfantului Duh
Sfantul Ioan de Kronstadt

Duhule Sfinte, Facatorule de viata, Unul fiind din Sfânta Treime,
Tu esti viata si cuviinta, frumusetea tuturor fapturilor vii si neînsufletite,
Tu esti culoarea si mireasma plantelor,
Tu esti respiratia tuturor fiintelor organice si anorganice, fiindca Tu pricinuiesti rodirea, hranirea în plante, în arbori si în arbusti.
Tu uzi roadele si le aduci la pârguire prin razele de soare,
Tu luminezi prin soare, luna si stele,
Tu pricinuiesti vânturile în vazduh si valurile în râuri, mari si lacuri,
Tu le îmblânzesti, Tu pricinuiesti tunetele si fulgerele în crugul ceresc.
Tu plasmuiesti si sadesti samânta omeneasca, si o cresti, si o modelezi într-un organism minunat, cum faci si cu toti embrionii de animale.
Tu ai dat albinelor putinta sa faca faguri cu miere si paianjenului sa îsi teasa paienjenisul, iar viermilor de matase sa faca coconi.
Pâna la nesfârsita felurime împodobesti tipurile fetelor omenesti de parte barbateasca si femeiasca, potrivit felurimii popoarelor si natiilor (raselor) si a climatelor pamântesti.
Tu felurit înteleptesti în lucrurile lor popoarele si insii în parte spre îndestularea trebuintelor vietii de obste.
Tu ai luminat si luminezi cu lumina întelegerii, înteleptind pe proroci si pe apostoli, pe cuviosi si pe drepti, pe nebunii pentru Hristos si pe toti sfintii.
Tu înteleptesti pe arhitecti, pe sculptori, pe pictori ca sa lucreze în lemn, metal, granit si marmura, ca si pe mesterii care fac felurite lucruri din metal si din sticla: de la Tine este toata stiinta si toata arta.
Tu Te pleci spre mila fata de pacatosi si pentru numele lui Iisus Hristos, Mielul lui Dumnezeu, Care a luat asupra Sa pacatele lumii, curatesti pacatele celor ce cred si se pocaiesc.
Tu împaci si mângâi sufletele, renasti pe om prin Botez,
Tu împartasesti sfintenie si întarire prin Mirungere,
Tu dezlegi de pacate prin Pocainta, dupa credinta în lisus Hristos,
Tu prefaci pâinea si vinul în preacuratul Trup si Sânge al Domnului,
Tu savârsesti preotii, Tu binecauvantezi casatoria si zamislirea si pricinuiesti nasterea,
Tu dezlegi pacatele si tamaduiesti trupul prin Maslu.
Nenumarate sunt, Duhule Sfinte, lucrarile Tale cele de viata facatoare atat in natura cat si in imparatia harica a lui Hristos.
Slava Tie , dimpreuna cu Tatal si cu Fiul !!!


Biserica Ortodoxă Română Sfântul Policarp, Naples, Florida