Icoana Maicii Domnului Kursk Root Icon va veni in Fort Myers la Saint Nicholas Monastery Sambata 17 Noiembrie, 10 AM.
Saint Nicholas Monastery, Fort Myers

Seeing that we have no boldness because of the multitude of our sins, do thou, O Virgin Theotokos, fervently entreat Him who was born of thee: for the prayer of a mother availeth much to the goodwill of the Lord.
O my most blessed Queen, O Theotokos my hope, guardian of orphans and intercessor for strangers, Joy of the sorrowful, Protectress of the oppressed; Thou beholdest my misfortune, Thou seest my sorrow. Help me, for I am infirm; feed me, for I am a stranger. Thou knowest mine offense: do Thou loose it, as Thou dost will, for I have none other help but Thee, nor any other intercessor save Thee, O Mother of God. Do Thou preserve and protect me unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Nu vor ramine ne rasplatiti cei ce o cinstesc pe Prea Sfanta Nascatoare de Dumnezeu !

November 17 - the 40th anniversary of Saint Nicholas monastery!
The miraculous Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God will be brought to the celebration.
Dear brothers and sisters!
We invite everyone to take part in the celebrations dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Florida’s oldest Orthodox monastery - St. Nicholas Convent in Fort Myers, which contains the largest number of shrines in America - relics of more than 600 saints, as well as two locally honored icons - St. Nicholas and Most Holy Mother of God, "The Joy of All Who Sorrow."
Service begins at 10:00 am.

Akathist Most Holy Theotokos, Joy of all who sorrow - pdf file


Biserica Ortodoxă Română Sfântul Policarp, Naples, Florida 2016