Icoana Maicii Domnului din Hawaii va veni la noi 19 Octombrie, Vineri seara la ora 9 PM.
2018 Visitation Schedule of the Wonderworking Hawaii's Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon

"From thy Holy Icon, O Lady Theotokos, blessed myrrh has flowed abundantly.

Thou hast thereby consoled those, in exile, faithful unto thee, and hast enlighten the unbelievers by thy Son's light. Therefore O Lady, with tears we bow down to thee. Be merciful to us in the hour of judgment. Lest having received thy mercy we be punished as those who have been contemptuous of it.

But grant us through thy prayers to bring forth spiritual fruit, and save our souls" - Troparion to the Iveron Icon, Tone 7.

Nu vor ramine ne rasplatiti cei ce o cinstesc pe Prea Sfanta Nascatoare de Dumnezeu !

Original Iveron Akathist chanted before the Icon - pdf file
Akathist All Holy Lady Theotokos Iveron montreal eng - pdf file
Divine Service to the Iveron Icon of the Holy Theotokos -pdf file


Biserica Ortodoxă Română Sfântul Policarp, Naples, Florida 2016